Reliable Tree Maintenance Services in Calgary and Surrounding Area

Do you need your property cleared of trees and other vegetation? The experienced Arborists at Sullivan Tree Service Ltd can help you quickly and efficiently. We offer land clearing services to commercial clients across Calgary to help you maintain your property and avoid any hazards. Whether you need a site cleared for power line utility trenching or want to create a golf course, we have the equipment to remove unwanted trees and shrubs safely. Our arborists can assess your land and provide an effective land clearing strategy for your specific needs.

ISA - Certified Arborists
Well- Maintained Equipment
Safety Certified
Fully Insured



Brushing and land clearing is not always meant for construction or aesthetic purposes only. Heavy branches can fall on the building and cause harm to equipment as well as people. Overgrowth and deadfall can be a fire hazard on your property. By having it professionally removed regularly, you can reduce the risk of property damage.

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