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With an array of specialized equipment, years of experience in the tree care industry and a dedication to good, old-fashioned customer service, Sullivan Tree Service Ltd is ready to handle all of your tree care needs in Calgary. Whether you need help cleaning up after a winter storm, help clearing a trail or mulch for your property, our team has a convenient and cost-effective solution. Our additional tree care services include:

NEW Recurring Maintenance Service

We want to give our customers the best tree maintenance program possible. Our recurring maintenance service can be set up for one annual visit or multiple visits each year depending on the requirements of your trees and shrubs. Our consulting arborist will do an initial inspection of your trees and shrubs in order to determine maintenance requirements. We will provide a short, letter-style report on the condition of each tree/shrub, as well as a quote outlining what work is required. 

When we send you the report, we will include a recurring maintenance contract. We will schedule the maintenance to be completed during the optimal time for the tree/shrub(s), and during each visit the arborist will update the tree/shrub reports which will be provided to you with the invoice after that work has been completed.

Why recurring maintenance is the way to go:

  • Cheaper in the long term
  • Healthier for your trees
    • Trees are pruned at the optimal times by species
    • Frequent monitoring
    • Detailed tree reports
  • Trees and shrubs are managed for you
    • No need to schedule appointments/meetings
    • Receive better rates
  • We encourage collaboration with other subcontractors, landscapers, and construction workers to ensure your trees and shrubs are looked after during home projects
    • We can subcontract extra/additional services upon request/recommendation:
      • Mulching
      • Compost Tea
      • Tree spraying
      • Stump grinding
  • Customizable service plans available


This technique is used when a tree has been damaged causing a split trunk, or to prevent a split from occurring in a naturally occurring weak junction. It involves the installation of threaded steel rod braces or high strength cabling system to restore and preserve the natural structure of the tree.

Storm Clean-Up

In the event of tree damage due to a large or sudden storm we have the equipment and expertise available to assist in any size of clean-up.

Stump Grinding

Following the safe removal of your tree(s) we can coordinate stump grinding services that are capable of accessing both small and large sites. Using specialized turf-friendly machines the stump is ground into mulch, removing the stump 8” to 12” inches below ground level. This enables the property to be reclaimed as grass or flower beds. Large, surrounding roots close to the surface can also be cut, roots smaller than 4 - 5" (10 cm) must be removed using other means.

Our Machinery:

  • 25hp unit allows us easy access to confined residential spaces
  • 35hp unit is used for residential jobs big and small
  • 85hp unit makes quick work of high volume jobs and large stumps

Stump grinding follows removal within 5 business days and mulch from stumps is left on site for use in other garden areas unless otherwise specified.


You've cut it down and we'll take it away! We provide competitive rates and prompt service.

Brushing and Low Impact Land Clearing

Our hard working crew is able to clear large areas quickly. We either drive the truck with the chipper along the length of the cut trees and brush, chipping back into the cut area or into the truck, or use the Iron Horse machine to haul the material out to the chipper or predetermined area. The Iron Horse machine is a Low Impact Land Clearing Machine designed to haul heavy loads including whole logs out of delicate environments without harming the soft ground cover. We will meet with you to determine the desired outcome and create and implement a plan to achieve your desired results.

Firewood and Mulch

Green logs are available for pick up from job sites free of charge. Wood that is not picked up is split, dried, and sold as firewood. We deliver mulch free to acreages within and close to the city that are able to accept large quantities. We can also accommodate smaller quantity deliveries within the city for a small charge. Please call for details.

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