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Professional Arborists for Calgary’s Residences 

Trees are an asset on any property due to environmental and aesthetic benefits. Disease, overgrowth, expansion plans, and old age are some of the common reasons why trees may need to be assessed by knowledgeable arborists. Whether you want to restore the health of your trees or require maintenance services, we can help. Sullivan Tree Service Ltd offers tree health consultations in Calgary for residential, commercial and municipal clients. Lisa Sullivan is a registered consulting Arborist and has more than 5 years of experience providing our clients with informative and professional consultations and written reports.



The services we provide include:

  • Tree health consultations

  • Diagnosis of insect and disease issues

  • Assessment of tree damage

  • Tree preservation/protection plans

  • Tree planting plans

  • Tree appraisals

  • Tree risk assessments

  • Tree inventory services

  • Writing specification for tree care and maintenance

  • Tree dispute resolution

  • Expert witness

  • Report writing

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