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Safe Tree Stump Removal Services in Calgary and Surrounding Area

Stump removal is a part of the tree removal process. Stump grinding is an environmentally friendly method for removing unsightly stumps and roots. For an average homeowner in Calgary, tree stump removal can be a tough job, especially if one does not have the right tools. In such cases, it is recommended that you take the help of a professional. Contact the experienced team at Sullivan Tree Service Ltd for reliable shrub and stump removal services. We also offer commercial tree pruning and land clearing services. For more information, check out our blog

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Here are a few reasons why stump removal is necessary:

  • Stumps look ugly and decrease the value and beauty of your property 

  • Stumps can spread diseases to healthy trees and shrubs

  • Exposed stumps are a potential safety hazard as they can obstruct sidewalks, foundations, and driveways 

  • A stump-free lawn is easier and safer to mow

Shrub Removal

Removing shrubs by hand can be both time consuming and tiring; you may also have blisters in your hands at the end of the job. Call the experts at Sullivan Tree Service Ltd for removing overgrown shrubs in your property.

Lumberjack Cutting Down Trees
Contact Our Experienced and Efficient Arborists

Have you recently cut a tree in your backyard? Are you wondering what should be done with the stump? If yes, contact our tree stump removal experts in Calgary who will either remove or grind the tree stump

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