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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I consider tree removal?

Removal is the last option to consider when the tree is dying. You might need tree removal services if the tree is hazardous or has root problems.


What are the benefits of professional tree removal services?

The benefits of professional tree removal services are:

·       They help minimize any risk of damage to your property

·       They can eliminate large trees

·       They follow safety standards

·       They use chippers, aerial lift trucks and other equipment

·       They save your time and deliver satisfactory results


How can Sullivan Tree Service Ltd help?

Sullivan Tree Service Ltd provides professional shrub and tree care services. From tree removal to shrub pruning, we do them all. When hiring our arborists, you can be sure of a safe and effective approach for tree care.

You can also rely on us for storm clean-up, tree health consultation and more.


Do I get an estimate for tree removal services?

You can request a free estimate from Sullivan Tree Service Ltd. service charges depend on several factors, the height of a tree, diameter and location.


How is tree stump grinding different from stump removal?

Stump grinding is a process in which a tree base is grounded with a stump grinder, cutting it into small pieces. The remaining stump below the ground is covered with dirt and allowed to decay with its roots.

Stump removal refers to the removal of a stump and its roots. This is a tedious task as the size of a tree’s root ball is more than the size of the tree.


Does tree stump grinding help eliminate termites and ants?

Tree stump grinding significantly eliminates termites and ants.


Is tree stump grinding process dangerous?

Yes. It is advisable to call our experts who are equipped to remove or grind a tree stump.

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