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ISA Certified Tree Maintenance Services in Calgary and Surrounding Area

Are you looking for tree maintenance services in Calgary? Sullivan Tree Service Ltd offers safe and reliable services at competitive rates. We have been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. We are committed to offering quality tree care services to our customers. From tree removal to storm clean-up, we do them all. For over 10 years, we have been your trusted arborist, serving residential, commercial and municipal clients. Our team makes sure to all safety standards to protect our community and environment from damage.


If you are in need of experienced arborists in Calgary, Sullivan Tree Service Ltd is here to help. We provide residential clients professional trees services such as pruning, tree removal and more. Maintaining different types of trees requires a certain level of knowledge and experience to promote their proper function, safety, and aesthetic. We have an understanding of how each type of tree responds to a cut. Our trained-and-certified team of arborists can help you take care of the trees on your property.

Benefits of Professional Tree Maintenance
Trees are one of the most essential components of our environment. Without trees, we cannot imagine a sustainable environment. It’s our duty to maintain and keep them healthy through regular pruning. Also, removing dead branches and dying foliage can avoid damage to your property. Call us for professional tree maintenance services in Calgary. We carry out unwanted trees removal with the use of special tools and safety measures.

The benefits of professional tree maintenance services are as follows:

  • Can save you money and time

  • Can improve curb appeal for your house

  • Can keep the environment clean by removing infested and diseased trees

  • Can maintain trees health by regular pruning

  • Can remove overgrown branches and unwanted trees

What We Do

Whether you require your landscape trees to be maintained or a dying tree to be removed, the Sullivan Tree Service Ltd team can lend you a hand. We provide a range of services to help you maintain the trees on your property, including:

We have the necessary to skill and equipment to ensure each job is completed efficiently and cost-effectively. After the job is done, we make sure to clean up ourselves in order to avoid any inconvenience for you. Do you need to meet an arborist to discuss your specific needs or concerns? We offer a consultation service as well.

Lumberjack Cutting Down Trees
Contact Our Experienced and Efficient Arborists

Have you recently cut a tree in your backyard? Are you wondering what should be done with the stump? If yes, contact our tree stump removal experts in Calgary who will either remove or grind the tree stump

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