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Tree Support System Installation in Calgary: Cabling and Bolting

Do you have a tree with a split trunk or a weak limb? When trees grow in a manner where the physical structure can no longer support their weight, they require some support. The expert ISA-certified arborists at Sullivan Tree Service Ltd in Calgary can provide tree support system installation services including cabling and/or bolting your tree.


A cable is installed within a tree between its branches to limit any movement as well as provide supplemental support. These methods can help preserve tree structure.

ISA - Certified Arborists
Well- Maintained Equipment
Safety Certified
Fully Insured


When we install tree support systems, we try to incorporate the following ideas:

  • Prevention – Reducing the chance of failure of a healthy tree with structural weakness

  • Restoration – Prolonging the life of a damaged tree (for example, trees that have lost a main branch)

  • Mitigation – Reduction of the hazard potential of a tree

We can generally perform our services at any time of the year.

Do you need to meet with an Arborist to discuss your specific needs or concerns? We offer a consultation service too.

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