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Trained & Certified Staff

Professional training and experience provides knowledge and educates one about safety practices. Our arborists at Sullivan Tree Service Ltd are professionally trained to determine the best course of action for your trees.

We have completed training in the following courses:

  • Tree worker safety

  • Principles of pruning

  • Pruning cuts

  • Chainsaw operator technician

  • Chainsaw train the trainer

  • Production tree removal and rigging

  • Tree risk assessment qualification 

  • Tree climbing, fall protection and work positioning

  • Aerial lift operations, emergency evacuation and extrication

  • Hazard and danger tree cutting and falling

  • Tree rigging and safety

  • Practices and standards of pruning

  • Alberta OHS legislation awareness

  • Small employer health and safety management

  • Leadership for safety excellence

Training and Certification

Sullivan Tree Service Ltd holds a Certificate of Recognition (COR) from the Alberta Construction Safety Association and strives to continue our education and training. Our employees undergo safety training which includes:

  • Tree climbing & fall protection training

  • Aerial lift operations

  • Evacuation & extrication

  • Hazard & danger tree cutting & falling

  • Production tree removal & rigging

  • Electrical awareness

  • Basic first aid

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